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The clear acrylic briefcase is elemental and as fluid to the eye as water in a brook. Formed using our proprietary thermoforming process, it is singularly the only style and type of acrylic case in existence, manufactured exclusively. It has often been called a "lucite case" or simply, a "clear plastic case." Whatever its name, its effect is profound on the people who see it. With an optical quality higher than glass, a clear case of this type has an ethereal shine. Its use as a promotional tool, a stage prop, a business award or a tradeshow display is limited only by your imagination. We offer laser etchings, artful vinyl applications and even complete airbrush painting to creatively brand your case to your individual style. Available in clear or colored acrylic in any size, color, or style, custom made, hand flamed and bonded, we produce a case of strength and longevity and scratch resistance that will please any discerning person.

Lucite Briefcase | How Its Made

Often called a lucite briefcase, our clear case begins life as a stock sheet of cast acrylic. Cast acrylic is stronger and has a higher optical quality than glass and its scratch resistance is extraordinary. If a scratch does occur, a simple wipe with the right polish takes it out and restores its gleam.

We begin with two custom cut sheets of acrylic (at this point, we can choose any case size) heating and bending the two halves to form the rounded edge body. To form that edge, the heated sheets are allowed to cool in a restrictor and once at the appropriate temperature, we bond the edges to each half. All bonds are given 24 hours to cure. This bond is actually a molecular bond and forms the two halves of the case. The result is a sealed, waterproof, super-strong half-box. The excess material from these edges is shaved using a high speed router table. The resulting cut forms a milky color on every side but once hand flamed with an oxy-acetylene torch, each case edge shines.

Once the two halves of our plastic case are formed, bonded, routed and hand-flamed, we join the two halves using a clear acrylic hinge. Both halves are first placed into a restrictor and then aligned. The hinges are then applied with the same bonding agent to form an ultra-strong join. At this point, all of our square acrylic risers are cut and bonded to the case bottom. These risers allow the case to stand vertically, above the hinge barrel and pins. Each one is flamed for clarity. On top of each riser, we add a clear rubber "bump-on" adding a non-skid grip to the bottom of each case. We also add four more clear rubber bump-ons to the side of the clear acrylic briefcase in all four corners. This allows you to place the lucite case on a table with the side down and open the case without the briefcase touching the table surface. Bump-ons have a super-grip so the case doesn't slide.

Once the hinges are bonded and cured, our next item to add is our clear acrylic, proprietary door-stop. We hand-make each door stop from clear plastic. This acrylic door-stop is strong and aesthetically fits a case of this type perfectly.

With the door-stop fitted, our clear acrylic briefcase is ready for catch hardware. We marry a nickel-plated catch to the case aligning both halves with eight stainless steel screws. The catches match the handles four nickel-plated rounded-over acorn nuts (sometimes called castle nuts).

Acrylic Briefcase | Our Handle

The last item we add is our own, in-house manufactured clear acrylic case handle. Our briefcase handle is pleasing to hold and exudes quality in the hand. It has a strong feel, smooth edges and in our opinion, a fantastic appearance. No other handle like it exists.

Our briefcase handle starts out as a handle pattern cut from a sheet of cast 3/8" lucite. This sheet thickness offers a very solid handle feel in 3/8". We place the cut handle pattern over our metal oven molds and the handles are then heated to approximately 160 degrees centigrade. Once heated, they fall naturally over the molds. The handles are then allowed to cool in the oven slowly and many hours later, they are removed from the molds. Each handle will then undergo hand-flaming and polishing.

Finally, we center the handle and join it to the briefcase with #10 screws from the bottom up, capping the tops with attractive, nickel-plated acorn nuts. All of the acorn nuts match the nickel-plated hardware of the catches nicely.

Lucite Briefcase | Contact Us

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ACRYLICBRIEFCASES.COM | Design, Prototype, Manufacture in Clear or Colored Acrylic Briefcases.

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